Jule Enterprises is the largest supplier of the Austin Healey replacement chassis. If you are not sure what to do, why not explore our site, we have lots of information about these classic sports cars. If you have any further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact Martin “The Frameman” Jansen at 905.854.3555 or jule_eneterpriseah@yahoo.com

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The Jule Frame

The most important single component of a car and especially so of a fast car is the main frame, and unless this is really rigid in all directions it is not much use trying to design suitable springing and steering, for the model will be vicious and liable to pile up only too often.

– Donald Healey, Autocar in 1945

At Jule Enterprises we agree with Donald and that is why we designed our replacement chassis. We improved upon the design to stop the repetition of failure in the same areas of the Healey chassis. If we replicated the same design we would be setting the stage for the failure of the chassis to happen again. That is why in the 30+ years we have been building a replacement chassis, we have never had a failure. It has today’s technology for today’s highways. We focus on a more rigid design to ensure better and consistent handling. It also creates a better panel fit. We use a 1/8″ metal to create a stronger frame than the original. It is dead straight and reproduces Donald Healey’s original geometry. All chassis’ are MIG welded and are guaranteed for workmanship and fit for 5 years. The chassis is meant to do two things: be a perfectly rigid frame on which to hang the body and the drive train and keep the suspension components in alignment. Without perfect rigidity the body panels will be in alignment just once—the day you put them on. Car alignment is only possible with a frame that maintains a constant shape. The passage of time haunts most Healeys on the road today. The chassis is a highly stressed unit resulting in the strength of the frame suffering. If the Healey is to move forward in this new century then attention must be paid to the original chassis. A Jule Chassis is the only logical decision—no more scuttle shake, no more handling problems and the ability to drive on today’s highways without worrying.

Jule Enterprises continues to be innovative and now offers rack and pinion steering for the Austin Healey. Next to our chassis this is the second most requested upgrade for the Austin Healey.

Why a Jule Chassis?

It's stronger!

The tube is pound for pound stronger than a frame that has seen the elements of half a century.


We produce a chassis dimensionally the same as the original but We use a 3″X4″ structural tube. It does not have the 3/8″ seam running midway along the chassis rail. This make the chassis much stronger that the original frame.

It's Dead Straight!

No more ill fitting panels.


The chassis dead straight and reproduces Donald Healey’s original geometry. This improves the overall structure of the car while maintaining its original appeal. There is nothing ill fitting panels ruining the beautiful lines of the Healey.

We know Healeys

We have extensive experience working strictly on Healeys.


We have been doing this for over 30 years and have become Healey and chassis experts.
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