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We can help you with that scuttle shake. We can take your diamond in the rough and make it a "Jule". No job is too big. If you are just not sure what to do why not explore our site. We have many years of experience working strictly on Healeys. This is our business not our hobby. We take pride in our work. We would love to discuss your Healey's needs just give us a call. We like to talk about Healeys. Please explore our web site.

About Us

Its no longer necessary to discard an Austin Healey due to major chassis fatigue or failure Jule Enterprises is building a replacement chassis for the big Healey.

The Jule Frame

A Jule chassis eliminates the scuttle shake that exists with the original. It is the safe choice for today's highways.

The Superstructure

Get the most preferred replacement chassis and superstructure package for $8000 USD

Building a Modified Healey

When building a modified Healey many elements must be should be considered. Here is a step by step process of building a modified Healey.