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All chassis are MIG welded and are guaranteed for workmanship and fit for five years. Inner sills can be supplied loose or fitted as required. Our customers have found that replacing their chassis is cheaper and less work than trying to repair a fatigued frame. They have also told us of the improved ride: NO MORE SCUTTLE SHAKE OR SHIMMY AT 55-68 MPH The replacement chassis is approximately 50lbs heavier than the original. We feel this gives the car added strength to endure today’s highways.

The chassis offers a one time replacement option as opposed to the constant patching and repairing needed for the original chassis. Our customers find this very appealing and desirable. The Jule chassis enables owners to enjoy their Austin Healey while protecting their investment.

Why choose Jule?

  • Home of the #1 Austin Healey replacement chassis.
  • The Jule frame is for today’s roads so you can enjoy your Healey!
  • Workmanship and fit guaranteed for five years!
Martin Jansen
Martin Jansen
Owner of Jule Enterprises

Technical Background

  • Licensed mechanic in auto and truck repair.
  • Licensed auto body repair and collision specialist.
  • Auto body painter.
  • Exhaust specialist.
  • MIG, gas, arch and TIG welding (30 years)
  • Upholstery.
  • Metal fabrication
  • Custom and show car builder
  • A reputation built on a handshake
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