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100-4 V12 Supercharged

The rumor is true. We have built a Healey with a Jag V12 motor. We did a ground up restoration and of course, we put a new JULE CHASSIS in it. The car had to have a sound foundation for all that power.

Building a Modified Healey

When building a modified Healey many elements of this process should be considered. By introducing a larger engine with higher horsepower and torque, you may present other problems that could result in injury. The following pictures may offer some ideas of what to consider when taking on such a project to get the most out of your build and to keep yourself safe.

The Fuel Injected BN6

The Early Years

This is some of our early work. Although we do things differently now, we still understand the need to replace the chassis.

My First Healey

This is the Healey that caused me to build the JULE frame

100-4 with Jag Engine

The owner told me, after many engine failures the original drive train was replaced with a 3.4 Jag engine in 1957. This car was restored to its prevalent history with the Jag -6.

BJ8 finished in Jaguar Racing Green

This car is from Pennsylvania and was done approximately 25 years ago.