Computer matching original one-owner cars established the following colour formulas. All samples were analyzed from panels where no sunlight occurred; this prevented desaturation of the colour due to sunlight. These BASF paint colour formulas exactly how they were received from the company and are for oil-based paints. They may need to be converted for water-based paints.

These formulas need to be exact and accurate to acquire the true colours. Unlike what others might say, when the factory would have shortages of formula colours another colour would be used. For example adding white to red in order to create the same volume of paint will not only make the colour lighter but also flatten the colour. It is important to keep this in mind when painting and understand that application of the colour can also change the colour. For instance, painting on a darker primer can darken the colour. We would like to note that some applications of these colours might not be acceptable for concours judging.

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