The Jule Frame

There are  two ways to buy – just the chassis or our superstructure package. Both come with a 5 year guarantee. In 1986, we started to develop a replacement frame for the Austin Healey after examining a number of frames and finding repeated failures. The frames had cracked engine mounts, front cross members that were split or crushed, front shock mount cracked, compression buckles in the main rails in engine mount areas, X members side walls becoming radius shaped from torsional loading, main frame rails dented and split, lower A arms brackets twisted, main chassis rails S shaped, broken welds on rear bulkhead to chassis, frame buckled under rear axle, cracked rear shock mounts. We found this happened in cars untouched with only 25,000 to 33,000 miles. These major failures happened within 3 years of use. We read articles where Healey owners in the 1950s and 1960s complained of scuttle shake , doors opening on hard cornering and car spinning out in corners. We concluded replicating the original design exactly would not be beneficial. We chose slightly different path. After all these years and hundreds of replacements and many miles, we have not yet replicated any of the structural failures that haunted the Austin Healeys of the past.

It's stronger!

The tube is pound for pound stronger than a frame that has seen the elements of half a century.


We produce a chassis dimensionally the same as the original but We use a 3″X4″ structural tube. It does not have the 3/8″ seam running midway along the chassis rail. This make the chassis much stronger that the original frame.

It's Dead Straight!

No more ill fitting panels.


The chassis dead straight and reproduces Donald Healey’s original geometry. This improves the overall structure of the car while maintaining its original appeal. There is nothing ill fitting panels ruining the beautiful lines of the Healey.

5 Year Guarantee

We're Healey Experts!

We are not a hobby shop. We have been doing this for over 30 years and have become Healey and chassis experts. We take pride in all the work we do.

Understanding Chassis Loads

There are two types of loads applied to the chassis:  Static and Torsional Loading.

Static chassis loads are weight introduced onto the chassis in a stationary setting. This would include engine weight, passenger weight, out body panels etc. These stress loads in a stationary position are 100% downward on the chassis.

Torsional loading of the chassis occurs when the car is put into motion. Some examples of this are suspension loading based on cornering and road surface, railway tracks, pot holes, power delivery to the rear axle and braking. Once the car is put into motion the static stress load reduces to approximately 10% and the torsional stress loads increase to approximately 90%. Torsional rigidity is the key factor to reducing chassis stress. A rigid chassis reduces the stress load to the suspension, exterior body panels, steering, wheels, and wheel bearings. There will also be less power loss to the rear axle because chassis loading will be reduced.

The Jule chassis addresses these concerns. You will be able to drive your car and enjoy it. We chose not to replicate the original chassis because of the torsional and static loading problems on the original chassis. This is not in the best interest of the Healey owner. We chose to raise the bar. It is easy to replicate a product but we used skill and knowledge to resolve problems. After all these years, we have yet to replicate any structural failures that haunted the Austin Healeys of the past and Healey owners. We do it for a fair price and we guarantee it.